MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Inscopix, Inc., a neuroscience company helping decode the brain for tomorrow’s treatments, announced that it is launching the Inscopix Data Exploration, Analysis and Sharing (IDEAS) Platform to help neuroscience research groups improve how they analyze and organize neuroscience data.

Initially launched in December 2021 as an enterprise-friendly solution, the cloud-based IDEAS Platform is the first-of-its-kind turnkey solution for multimodal preclinical research data and a powerful database solution with scalable compute infrastructure. Addressing one of the major roadblocks in today’s brain research, IDEAS supports the organization, management, multi-modal integration, analysis, and sharing of neuroscience imaging data and methods to accelerate basic research and catalyze progress towards the next-generation of neurotherapeutics.

“The development and launch of IDEAS is perhaps the most significant product milestone for Inscopix since the invention and launch of the miniscope,” said Kunal Ghosh, Ph.D., CEO at Inscopix. “With the miniscope platform and other novel brain mapping tools, we now live in the age of big brain data, and the IDEAS platform is the first integrated, multi-modality solution to address the 21st century needs of managing and analyzing brain data at scale.”

With the academic release coming soon, the IDEAS platform will include the Peri-Event Analysis Workflow for turnkey secondary analysis of neural circuit activity and user-defined timestamps, including four commonly used metrics:

  • Average population activity across events
  • Single neuron heatmaps across events
  • Activity-based population categorization
  • Spatial organization of activity

The Workflow completes the analyses in minutes on the cloud and can be batch executed, with no additional software tools and/or data science analysis needed beyond the IDEAS Platform for efficient management and sharing of the results.

“The use of multiple data-rich technologies also brings challenges like the siloed and cumbersome storage of data, lack of collaborative tools and the absence of readily shared analysis methods,” said David Gray, Ph.D., CSO at Inscopix, “The new IDEAS Platform is an integrated, user-friendly solution that overcomes these challenges, and we’re now excited to offer it to both enterprise and individual research labs.”

Multimodal and neuroimaging data are rich and complex, and require a powerful compute environment that allows researchers to focus on experiments and results. New modalities and combined data-sets bring us closer to understanding the brain, but can also add significant challenges in analysis. IDEAS simplifies all of the post-experiment data handling and makes robust compute and data-management resources as well as deep analysis workflows accessible to researchers in any lab.

Inscopix at FENS

The IDEAS Platform, along with other innovations around the company’s miniature microscope-based brain mapping platforms, will be featured at the FENS Forum 2022 being held in Paris, France July 9-13. The Inscopix FENS showcase will highlight key product and applications updates, including the flagship nVueTM System for dual-color imaging, neurotransmitter and blood flow imaging capabilities and the 2021-released cloud-based Inscopix Data Exploration, Analysis and Sharing (IDEAS) Platform.

Inscopix will provide details of abstracts throughout the meeting via Twitter at @inscopix.

Presentations by Inscopix include:

  • Dual color imaging in freely-behaving rodents using head-mountable one photon miniscope

    Presented by Norbert Hogrefe, Ph.D.

    Session Name: 1650 – Poster Session 01 – Section: Optogenetics & Imaging

    Poster S01-663

    July 10th, 2022 from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. CET
  • Tools for acquisition and analysis of simultaneous neural activity and bloodflow in awake freely behaving animals

    Presented by Douglas R. Ollerenshaw, Ph.D.

    Session Name: 1650 – Poster Session 01 – Section: Optogenetics & Imaging

    Poster S01-661

    July 10th, 2022 from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. CET

Meeting attendees can visit Inscopix at booth #076, or email [email protected] to schedule a conversation with a member of the company.

Inscopix’s technology is already in use by basic and translational researchers in both academia and pharma in more than 600 labs that have produced almost 200 publications describing many breakthrough discoveries about brain function and disorders. By uncovering the connections between neurons, the company and its collaborators are able to gain insights into directly actionable targets for therapeutic intervention to treat brain-related diseases.

Learn more about Inscopix’s IDEAS Platform at

About Inscopix, Inc.

Inscopix is a brain mapping platform company focused on decoding the mind to better understand and address all neurological disorders. We are solving perhaps the greatest unmet need in humanity – understanding how the brain works – and leveraging that knowledge to develop effective neurological treatments. With almost 200 peer-reviewed publications validating our innovative brain circuitry mapping technology, Inscopix is empowering the neuroscience research community to advance science while bringing a new generation of transformational therapeutics to patients with difficult-to-treat brain disorders. Learn more at and follow us @inscopix.

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