Inflation can’t derail wood’s momentum

In the current inflationary climate, one might assume subsegments such as the ultra-high-end hardwood flooring market—defined as products that retail in the $14-$25-per-square-and-up range—might take a big hit. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth as discerning consumers with loads of disposable income to spend continue to demonstrate a strong appetite for high-end hardwood products boasting equally upscale visuals

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Green Living

AEHRA releases preview images of its first SUV model

Milan, 21 September 2022 – AEHRA, a new global ultra-premium electric automotive brand, has revealed exclusive preview images of its SUV model. Next month is the unveiling of the final vehicle design and name.


The images depict a design profoundly different from that of any vehicle currently on the market. They offer an intriguing glimpse of the AEHRA SUV’s radical

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Green Real Estate

Efficiency of Wind Energy | LoveToKnow

Wind energy, also known as wind power, is the means of harnessing wind and turning it into electricity. The average wind efficiency of turbines is between 35-45%.

Production of Wind Power

Wind is produced in the earth’s atmosphere due to difference in earth temperatures locally or on a regional and global scale. When warm becomes heated it rises leaving the

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Installation: Tools that ease the task at hand

The 25-inch Pro Flooring Cutter from Roberts Consolidated is a guillotine-style cutter designed to cut precise, clean edges on flooring materials such as laminate, engineered wood, carpet tile, vinyl flooring, vinyl siding, VCT tiles, rubber foam and more. Its eccentric cam design allows for smooth, constant cutting pressure that results in clean, precise cuts, and its blade can be resharpened

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