It’s Sunday and we hope it’s been a good one. Also happy fall…it’s finally official. Did y’all see that Birdie’s wallpaper got installed this week on Em’s stories?! If you missed it, fear not because there will be a blog post soon. Until then let’s see what’s up with the week’s links.

design by candace marie | photo by winnie au | via domino

This week’s home tour is of the incredible multi-hyphenate, Candace Marie (fashion influencer, social media consultant, creator, and founder of Black in Corporate). She is someone we’ve been following for a while so we were extremely excited to see her home in Domino’s newest digital issue. This 826-square-foot studio is a masterclass in what it means to create zones (and really beautiful ones at that). Look at how chic her weights are styled! Go have a look and a read of her article to not only see more photos but to also get a step-by-step guide for maybe the most desirable routine ever. She also has an account dedicated for her home so go follow her there too🙂

design by shavonda gardner

Also From Emily: I’m always nervous about the “color of the year” because I haven’t always loved it. Now if I’m being honest a couple of them I end up loving a couple of years later which shows that maybe I’m just behind on color trends and frankly am fearful of anything too bold or trendy. But this year’s COY by Sherwin Williams is SO PRETTY. I’m now considering it in a few different places on the property. I tried to convince Birdie to use it in her room but it is “not bright enough” but I’m very into it. Take a look at how great it looks in Shavonda’s coat closet! Such an awesome makeover. Can’t wait to use it:)

daffy resting after coming home from a very rough week

Most of you know and love the incredibly talented Emily Bowser. Well her sweet cat, Daffy, was given flea medicine that triggered seizures that put her in the ER for nearly a week. Not only has it been emotionally gutwrenching for Bowser and her husband, not knowing for the better part of a week if she would survive, but the medical bills have also become extremely overwhelming (despite having pet insurance for years). You can read more about the whole story here because Bowser’s best friend set up a GoFundMe explaining everything. If there’s any way you can help we know that they would be unbelievably grateful.

From Caitlin: I’m not a big holiday decorator, but I have been in love with these Chinoiserie pumpkins for over a year. They don’t really go with my current color scheme – the classic motif clashes a little with all the pink/green/orange I have going on – but man, if I had a more timeless style, I would LOVE breaking these out every year alongside some classic blue & white plates and ginger jars. It’s kinda fun when your festive decor just slides into your actual style, you know?

Also From Caitlin: My boyfriend and I have been binging the early seasons of This Old House and THEY ARE SO GOOD. We just wrapped up Season 4 this week (shot in 1982, can you believe???) and I’m OBSESSED with how fun and authentic each episode is. (Case in point: In Season 5, Episode 1, they revisit the Season 4 home and the homeowner literally says, “I hate this paint. Why did you guys pick this?”) Bob Vila has NO GRIPES about calling things ugly or bad and it’s just really fun to see what home improvement TV looked like FORTY YEARS AGO. The pace is much slower and more detailed – 26 episodes for one house, versus watching an entire renovation in under an hour on today’s shows – and each segment is so informative and fun to watch. If you’re also looking for a new/old show to watch with friends or family, the early seasons of TOH are must-see TV. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has made contributions to Miry’s List’s 2022 Bed Fund for Refugees campaign! We got an email from her earlier this week saying what an impact it’s already made. Organizations like this are more important than ever. She also mentioned that she co-wrote a children’s book with Jennifer Jackson called Our World Is a Family which “demonstrates the importance of welcoming people from all over the world into the community with love, compassion, and acceptance.” What an important and beautiful thing to teach our children. Please go make it a bestseller!!

From Mallory: I genuinely love this light from Target so much – I’ve been shopping around for lighting for my entry so I ordered this one. When it came I was SO impressed with the size and scale (and it looks WAY more expensive than it is). All in all, we wanted a light that gave off a softer glow for our space. Now, since it’s our only hardwired ceiling light in our entire apartment we hoped it would give off a little more light than it does but it’s SO pretty that we’re fine with it. That’s what lamps are for right?? If you have an entry or hallway that needs a new light fixture and doesn’t need a ton more light, this fixture is so beautiful and only $100!!

From Ryann: Around the virtual office this week, we have been talking a lot about shame around going to the dentist. I feel VERY shameful about the amount of time it has been since I last went, so when I saw this comedy short I felt so seen. It’s called â€śCora and Same Hate The Dentist” and it stars Jade Taylor Kaiser and Eilise Guilfoyle, a comedian/actor I follow on Tik Tok who is so hilarious and makes me laugh every day. It’s so funny, so real, and I just love to see female comedians doing their thing. I think they wrote and produced it together too! I’ve watched it like 5 times and I think it needs to win allll the film festival awards. And while we are at it, someone get these two their own show!!

From Jess: I did it. I FINALLY finally got myself a Clare V Grande Fanny and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love it. That Target cutie (which is now officially my “sporty fanny” *cue British laughs*) was just the beginning. I was lucky enough to get early access to the Clare V sample sale via a friend who works there so I took it as a sign to get myself the bag (and strap) I’ve always wanted. It’s my early birthday present to myself:) So while this exact bag material and strap aren’t available online, they have other awesome options (ie I LOVE the plum and tan rattan bags and this strap). They also have a pre-loved section which is so cool and great for a slightly more affordable price point:) If you’ve been considering this bag I can’t recommend it and this company enough. I can also say that from everything I’ve heard from my friend this company is awesome and is run by kind women that are insanely collaborative and talented. I really love knowing my money went to supporting them and their company:)

Also From Jess: Look at this INCREDIBLE lighting collaboration between In Common With and Sophie Lou Jacobsen. If I had the money I would scoop one of these beauties up in a second! Go read this article about how this collab came about and the intense craftsmanship that went into creating this collection.

We of course can’t ignore the absolute devastation happening around the world. This doesn’t even include the wars still happening in Ukraine and Tigray. First, the catastrophic damage caused by the flooding in Pakistan. Now, the crippling damage caused by hurricane Fiona. If you have the means, here is a resource to help those in Pakistan, here is an article giving ways to help Puerto Rico, and this is a post on ways to help the Dominican Republic. If you have others please leave them in the comments.

So with that, hold your loved ones close and see you tomorrow. We have a post we really think you are going to love. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Candace Marie | Photo by Winnie Au | via Domino

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