Every movement has its slogans; some are intended to be funny, and others prove a point. Vegetarians consider their food choices to be a lifestyle and a moral decision. These slogans can help educate and convert more people to this type of lifestyle.

Funny Slogans

Having a sense of humor about something as serious as the food you put into your body can help lighten a mood and stay in a person’s mind.

  • Hug a vegetarian, save a cow.
  • Animals love vegetarians. Plants fear them.
  • I love animals. Just not on my plate.
  • Kick your meat to the curb.
  • Vegetarians know side dishes are your friends!
  • The only type of animal vegetarians eat is crackers.
  • I am kind to all living creatures. Just not plants.
  • There’s no such thing as “Mad carrot disease.”

Educational Slogans

Many people have questions about the vegetarian lifestyle. Why would someone want to be a vegetarian? What are the advantages? These slogans help teach others about food choices.

  • Vegetarians live longer to love longer.
  • I hug animals. I don’t grill them.
  • Vegetarians save trees by not eating meat.
  • Save the earth. Eat plants.
  • Want more money in your pocket? Don’t put meat on your plate!
  • The only roasted food I eat is coffee.

Moral Slogans

Since many vegetarians feel it is immoral to eat animals or animal products, these slogans help get this point across.

  • A nation can be judged by how it treats creatures without a voice.
  • All animals have feelings.
  • You are what you eat. Don’t eat the dead.
  • If you had to kill the pig yourself, you’d eat tofu.
  • Tofu doesn’t scream when you grill it.
  • I shoot animals with a camera.


A slogan that makes a promise is memorable because some lifestyles require certain types of commitment.

  • I don’t eat anything with eyelashes.
  • My plate is humane.
  • Where’s the beef? Not on my plate!
  • Nothing with a face will be on my plate.
  • Got vegetables?
  • I’m kind to animals.


A metaphor can hep put an image into someone’s mind. It is relevant to the issue at hand, and can leave a lasting impression.

  • Vegetarians eat the good life.
  • Vegetarian food is comfort food for your mind.
  • Don’t eat anything that casts a shadow.
  • There’s no blood on my plate.
  • Teach kids to love animals, not eat them.

Rhyming Slogans

These catchy phrases can really stick in your mind. They are also funny, which can soften the seriousness of a message.

  • Animals have souls. Don’t put them in your bowls.
  • Want to be petite? Don’t eat meat!
  • Forks over knives will save lots of lives.
  • Plants bless us; meat messes us.
  • Quicken your pace don’t eat anything with a face.
  • A carrot a day keeps the doctor away.

Pick the Slogan for the Occasion

Learn these slogans and keep them handy for your next conversation with a non-vegetarian. Use them to lighten the mood. They may create your next convert!

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